About us

With the ambition to become leaders in our sector in Costa del Sol, today Real Stay transforms itself to go one step further and to assist our most demanding customers. Hand in hand with Clincker (micro-cement, rust, panels and decorative floors) and Bulcano (luxury coverings with flexible metallic finishes) as the flagships of our company, we want you to discover all we can do for you and your property. Years of experience and a continuous fight in search of excellence have made it possible for us to participate in many and very varied projects that have been quite ambitious at a decorative and structural level. Besides, we are grateful for counting on the confidence and collaboration of the best professionals in the world of architecture and design.


  1. CONCEPT. All good projects must clearly count on a solid basis, and that is why in Real Stay we will make everything we can to assist and understand you from the very first moment. Our wide range of products will make your election the most suitable one. Your plans will surely fit in with our services and products supply: micro-cement, rusts, “Clincker Panel”, decorative floors…or the new and avant-garde “Bulcano” (our patented metallic and flexible covering with up to 8 different finishes).
  2. COLLABORATIONS. A cooperative work is essential in any project if we want it to have excellent results. Therefore in Real Stay we count on both our own team and the cooperation of many professionals in this sector (architects, interior designers, engineers, etc.) so that you can be guaranteed that we will make the best of us to make progress all together and in the same direction.
  3. DEVELOPMENT. Once the main points are fixed, and the materials are chosen by the client, we will “get down to work” to meet the established deadlines, always working in a serious and professional way. The excellent quality of our materials (comprehending both Clincker’s and Bulcano’s gamut) offers us the best scenario to carry out the work in the most efficient and appropriate manner.
  4. END OF THE JOB.After the process has been fulfilled, we make sure that the area in which we develop our work has been carefully looked after. It is very important for us that our customers feel totally satisfied. For that reason, in Real Stay, we only love well-done things and we take care of every detail so that your space, whichever it could be, gets to transmit all you had dreamt of.


  1. EVALUATION. This society is demanding a more modern, functional and efficient style in design terms. This is why for us it is fundamental to carry out an evaluation of the prior situation of the area to be remodelled so that the project is correctly traced.
  2. DEVELOPMENT. Since we rely on an experienced team of professionals, who count on high-quality equipment and materials at the same time, we will try to undertake your space redesign as quickly as possible. However, the quality of the finishes will always be our priority. Clear workplace rules, as well as working in harmony and coordination with the whole team in the project will be a key factor to reach the result we desire: perfection.
  3. TUNING UP. The prestige we have accumulated along these years comes from our eagerness to get perfect finishes and excellence in our works. Our customers’ full satisfaction is something that obsesses and motivates us every day. We are conscious about the fact that customers turn to Real Stay in search of the best, and that is always the purpose of our work.
  4. READY FOR… If you are looking for a more modern and avant-garde design for your home or any other type of area, or even if you are looking for an added value for your property for future renting or selling, in Real Stay we care about offering you the most adequate advise to be successful in your goals and to make them as profitable as possible.